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What is Chromotherapy?

Color Therapy or Chromotherapy is one of the most ancient healing therapies that have been used in many parts of the world. When used right, it can help harness the energy of the sunlight to boost natural healing abilities of the body, not only to cure diseases but also prevent them.

We all know that light is composed of colors. Along with colors, light also consists of chemical and emotional elements since it emits heat, electricity and magnetism. Thus, light, along with its component colors, can be used for healing the mind, body and spirit. This is the basic principle behind Chromotherapy or color therapy. Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Our bodies need the sun's light to live. 

Chromotherapy is part of our Far Infrared Sauna treatment. Please see our Infrared Sauna page for more details.

A few examples of Chromotherapy for healing the body:

Red light brings warmth, energy and stimulation, and therefore good for energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. Red energizes the heart and blood circulation, it builds up the blood and heightens a low blood pressure. Additionally, red activates collagen cells and helps stimulate skin to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It energizes organs and senses and promotes faster healing when used in conjunction with infrared therapy.

Orange light therapy is traditionally used to stimulate mental activity and induce cheerful emotions. Orange hues can increase energy levels and improve a person’s mood..

Yellow color light therapy can be used to help a person feel spiritually grounded while maintaining a positive outlook. It helps strengthen the nerves and the mind. It may help individuals feel more optimistic and lighthearted. 

We depend on the color green to feel calm. Individuals who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or the “winter blues” may consider using green to restore a sense of vividness. Green is the color of Nature and the earth. Green affects blood pressure and all conditions of the heart. 

Turquoise increases intuition and sensitivity. Is disinfecting and antiseptic. General system toning. Builds the skin. De-stress and relaxing.

Blue is used in color therapy to ease symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression. Some research shows blue cools down inflammation, relieves migraines, lowers fevers, helps high blood pressure, stops bleeding, calms strong emotions like anger, aggression or hysteria, is cooling and is an astringent. Other research has shown blue is effective in reducing acne because the blue lights kill bacteria which is a major source of acne infections. Blue is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world.

Indigo is a great purifier of the bloodstream and also benefits mental problems. It is a freeing and purifying agent.

Violet/Purple are colors of transformation. They heal melancholy, hysteria, delusions and alcohol addiction and bring spiritual insights and renewal. These colors slow down an over-active heart; stimulate the spleen and the white blood cells (immunity). Bring sleep. Soothe mental and emotional stress. Decrease sexual activity. Decrease sensitivity to pain. They help in detoxification.

White is the perfect color; for it is all colors, in perfect balance and harmony. It is the color of the awakened Spirit; the light of perfection; the light of the Cosmic Consciousness, the Divine Light. Just about everyone has heard of surrounding people with the "White Light of Healing and Protection." White light raises the vibration of one's consciousness and the body, bringing harmony in all aspects of one's life. Directing white into to a part of the body that needs healing is one of the fastest ways to bring about healing.

Best colors used in Chromotherapy to heal different body parts:

Brain and nerves – Nerve soothing colors like blue, violet and indigo.Neck and thorax – Cobalt blue for its cooling and heating properties.Digestive disorders – Red and yellow to stimulate digestive juices as well as blue and violet to stimulate saliva.Lower limb disorders – Warm colors like orange and orange red.Blue and white used together in Chromotherapy has helped heal rheumatism, nervousness and invalidism where conventional medical treatments have failed.

Caution and Contraindications of Chromotherapy:

Colors can heal, but they can also have injurious and disastrous effects. For example, when the nerves are over-excited or irritable, or when a patient is suffering from palpitations, high fever, inflammation and neuralgia, etc., yellow or orange reddish tones must not be used.

Similarly, blue, indigo and violet must be avoided in cases of paralysis, gout, or cold, etc., as these colors are extremely cooling and constructive in nature.

Conditions Far Infrared Saunas are Known to Help:

  • Weight Control & Obesity

  • Melt & Eliminate Cellulite

  • Heart Disease

  • Arthritis & Rheumatism

  • Fibromyalgia

  • High Cholesterol

  • Joint Pain & Backaches

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Toxicity - Including Heavy Metals

  • Acne, Allergies and Asthma

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Menstrual Pain & Menopause

  • Eczema & Psoriasis

  • Colds and Flu

  • Depression

  • Hypertension

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety & Insomnia

  • Chronic Infection

  • Burns, Scars & Stretch Marks

  • Diabetes

  • Candidiasis (Thursh)

  • Soft Tissue Injury

  • Digestive Disorders

  • Mental Illness

  • Whiplash

  • Gastroenteric Problems

  • Sciatica

  • Ear Diseases

  • Shoulder Stiffness

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Bursitis & Neuritis

  • Nervous Tension

  • Varicose Veins

  • Tremors

  • Strained Muscles

  • Addictive Behavior

For more information about the Chromotherapy and how colors affect us, CLICK HERE.

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